ALA Survey - Security

ALA 2010 Salary Survey - Security

The security for all aspects of the survey is very strong, yet practical, not being so cumbersome, it becomes unusable. While much of the security is technical, much of it based on good controls and processes.

The transmission of data is done via SSL, which is the protocol initially developed for transmitting private documents or information via the Internet. It essentially works through a cryptographic system that secures a connection between a client and a server.

When sending the survey “invitation” to you, the survey link and survey pages are encrypted during transmission. Your responses are encrypted in the same manner

More specifically, the level of encryption is Verisign certificate Version 3, 128 bit encryption

Once the data is on the server, the link between you and the data is removed, thus only raw data is stored. Any viewer, including me, sees only this raw data for only that one respondent.

All files stored on the local computers are encrypted using proprietary software using 128-bit keys internally. (This security is not the same as password protected files provided by Microsoft.) Files not being currently used are removed in their encrypted format from the computer.

Is this the best security available? No. 128 encryption is very strong, but there is better available. But it’s very strong and would take more effort to crack it than the value received. This coupled with keeping the data separate from the headings and firm creates powerful, yet flexible and workable security.

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