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ALA 2011 - Questionnaire questions or bugs

If members contact me with questionnaire issues after the survey has begun the issue and resolution will be posted here. Check this section from time-to-time during the survey. The first couple of items below are recurring from year-to-year. Please read to have good understanding of how the online tools work.

Q  How do I "submit" the online questionnaire when completed?

A  Each time you click Submit or Add the data is submitted. If you can see the entry on the screen,
     it is "submitted". In other words, you do not "submit" the completed questionnaire, you "submit" each salary entry as
     you go.

Q  I entered my email address and got a message that it was not valid. Why?

A  We use the emails addresses as received from the Chapter's board. Many times your address has changed
    and the board's list has not been updated.

    The security allows for you to have multiple email addresses, however, we need to know about it.

    This security system has been tried and tested and is extremely reliable. It's used in many of our projects.
    Out of the thousands of attempts to access, the number of problems is less than one-half of one percent.

Q  When editing the online Salary data, it acts in an unpredictable manner

A  There are two primary reasons. The first is that the interface is almost "too smooth", and extra steps
    are sometimes what's anticipated as next, yet it's alread done.

    Second, there is a bug when editing the first field. A quick work-around is to delete the record,
    rather than edit and add it again. If you experience odd behavior contact me.

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